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Modern Electrical Australia – Test & Tag Services are dedicated to providing you with the best service to make you totally compliant with testing and tagging. We will test all of your appliances to the Australian Standard and perform all other necessary tasks such as record keeping as is required by the Australian Standard.
Once an appliance has passed its tests it shall have a tag placed next to the male plug of the flexible lead, this tag correlates to data that is kept on our database and shows that the appliance has been tested and is therefore ready for use.
Safety of your staff members and clients is paramount, which is why we have put in place a strict set of guidelines for our technicians to follow whenever they find an appliance that has not passed inspection. The appliance shall be marked accordingly with a failed tag and if possible physically removed from service and given to an appropriate member of your staff.
Our technicians are trained professionals, they are experienced in relation to testing and tagging and know exactly what is required of them to ensure our customers gain compliance and are satisfied with the quality of our work. As well as being well trained in the field of electrical testing, you will find our technicians to be very polite and understanding of your employees and customers needs.
Once our technicians have completed your testing and tagging, you shall be supplied with a complete listing of your items. This register will include all information as required by AS/NZS 3760. You will also be supplied with a certificate of compliance that states the appliances at your site have been tested. You will also receive Introduction to Service tags at no extra cost. Newly purchased items do not need to be tested, but simply tagged to indicate when they required to be tested next.
There is nothing better than putting your trust in the team at MEA , you will also be pleased to know that our expertise and professionalism is extremely competitively priced.
All our work comes with 10 years labour warranty.

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